It’s all about passion

Armadillo came to life in 2018 when Cody Castillo (Los Angeles) and Rafa Santana (Sao Paulo), two Latinos living in Germany met at a jam session in Fulda. Rafa grabbed the guitar, and started jamming out, the chords triggered Cody to grab the mic. The room was immediately filled with a strong and positive energy, that made the crowd go crazy. Right there and then, they knew they had to make music together, and keep the flame burning.

The Music is created using elements from a very broad set of genres. From killer beats filled with loops and samples to very simple guitar chords, and from fast rapping to soft singing. We are not shy to add any ingredient we believe to be important to achieve the sound we want. Organic or digital, the song is king.

From SP to Venice just 2 men with a message

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